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Workforce and Youth Development

Improving Workforce Development Systems: Beyond Legal and Administrative Changes
by Annette Hartenstein
Description: Developing effective workforce development-vocational education and training (VET) and labor market systems are critical to the social and economic progress of nations worldwide. This article conveys the importance of addressing system and organizational improvement needs as well as the formal dimensions of legal, program and administrative changes to increase effectiveness. Further, the marriage of the fields of social sciences, particularly organization development (OD) and performance improvement with VET system strategies, can be a winning combination in the arsenal for significant change.
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Sustainable Youth Training and Development Essential for Country and Community Progress
by Annette Hartenstein
Description: The World Bank reports that about 25 percent of the world's population (1.5 billion people) is age 12-24, 1.3 billion of them in developing countries, the most ever in history. Youths are the basis for the future health and well-being of their communities and are the key to breaking the cycles of inter-generational poverty. However, concerns grow about the status and employment of young people, particularly in countries transitioning from war with many de-militarized youth with limited education and skills and in those countries experiencing economic downturns. In the Middle East and North Africa, more than half the region's population is under 25 and experience the economic and social impact of conflict and/or economic downturns. As the number of poor people increases, more children and youth fall through the cracks, ending up on the streets and in informal labor markets without education and training. Youth unemployment and underemployment are not exclusively problems of developing and transitional countries; they are also problems of developed countries. ...READ MORE...
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Serving Parents and Children in Countries with Violent Conflict
or Poverty